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It is a week since he was in the same hospital and same intensive care unit where the prime minister is now, but the emotion and the memories are still horribly raw for Dave Hunt.

He fills up with tears several times while talking to us in his London apartment on the banks of the River Thames.

"Intensive care is not a fun place to be," he says, "You see people die... it is absolutely horrible.

"I sell software for a living. I'm not a nurse or a doctor. You see people just getting wheeled out and wheeled in. I just wanted to get out of that place."

Dave Hunt thought he was going to die while in intensive care

Image:Dave Hunt thought he was going to die while in intensive care

Mr Hunt spent 10 days at St Thomas' Hospital after testing positive for COVID-19, and was treated for four of them in the same intensive care unit (ICU) where Boris Johnson is now.

"Boris Johnson will be in good care," he told us, "He'll have a dedicated nurse checking his oxygen stats levels are up... and he'll be sat there getting at much air into his lungs as possible."

The 38-year-old was one of the youngest in the ICU - but within minutes of arriving at the hospital by ambulance, he was told by a team of medics he would need to be put on a ventilator because his breathing was so poor.

Credits. Sky News