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Air Force SC and Real Lanterns triumphed winning their respective matches against Sharks BC and Old J’Pura,

After a close game, Air Force SC took a win, securing their victory with a buzzer beater as the Sharks trailed 37 to 42. Anton Ranjula did the heavy scoring for Sharks securing 11 of the team’s points, while Chaminda Amarathunga secured 19 points for his team-leading the offensive plays.

Throughout the game, both teams consistently maintained a tight defense, rarely allowing a second shot opportunity for the opposing team. Both teams were evenly matched as they went into lemons on a tied score. The Sharks, however, had trouble getting their jumpers to connect, allowing Air Force SC to take a marginal lead. Although the Sharks were trailing close behind, Air Force SC managed to maintain their lead until full time, taking their first victory.

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