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400 years ago English boys introduced the game of Cricket which called "Gentlemen s' Game" it words. Cricket has an own set of rules, which has formally made official by the MCC, the home of the cricket , which is where "Lord's" cricket ground situated. Even though those rules are published and kept updating, there are other aspects of the game exist such as the moral values or more clearly "Spirit of the Game". These rules with spirit bring fair play in to the game of willow and leather, which makes it more beautiful and unique from rest of the world games. From the captains of the teams to the spectators are willing to see the spirit of the game alive in and out of the field.


Old and poor umpires could make the wrong call to dismiss a batsman at 99 when bowler make appeal on leg before wicket and batsman might miss his maiden test century but he will walk to the pavilion with closed lips and nothing could happen. That is why the cricket umpires have neither red card nor yellow card in their pockets. A slip fielder could hold a catch when the opponent just have a only wicket but still the fielder could make the gesture to the rest of the team it is grounded before caught. Game might lost but not the spirit. Then you find why they called it so "Gentlemen s' Game" in it words. Game had been being changing ever since. Five day slow go test cricket reduced to a one day and Mr.Packer brought the coloured clothes to the game, Shiny red cherry changed into white leather ball and game started to play in nights under floodlights. But a unique standard of the game still exists with changes to "Spirit of the Game". The game has been impacted from technology, match broadcasting, and sponsors await at the gates of players and players were in bill boards on highways.


Yet still it exist the "Spirit of the Game". One-day cricket made the red ball boring game into a colourful fast phased! But, It wants more. 21st century, Which moving in hurry, always looking for more money and which always control by invisible s makes sense of rumour that game of gentlemen s have had lost the splendour of the game it self. Twenty-20 cricket which brought more attraction to the game, suddenly started to ruin the cricketing calendar without any wait just in second. Premier Leagues started to bloom all around the world and cheerleaders starting to jump up all around the ground. Players are earning money in no time and boards starting to loose their players for national contracts. Someone opens up lips against the commercial edition of the game and someone praises. Ashes became ashes once more and IPL became the fame of the game. Everything looks like flowing as it scripted even the Game of love and unity. Yes, you read it right. Even the game. Cricket is passing toughest session of its game in last three months with all sorts of cases and breaching challenging aspects that called fair play itself. Steve Smith & David Warner are sacked by Cricket Australia with its worst nightmare in South Africa when their players starting to use sand papers to take the ball tempering into another level. ICC the governing body of the game yet to address that ball tempering saga beyond handed a two game ban and couple of demerits to a player. But still they are talking heavily on financial benefits and broadcasting earnings and distributing ratios among boards in inside of conference halls in Dubai. In the eve of the may, which everyone talking about Kevin O'Briens' century on Ireland's maiden test and When everyone kept on eye at Wankhade to know whether Dhoni make his third or not in IPL, the Al Jazeera had different episode lined up.


All of a sudden Al jazeera delivered a deadly yorker to the cricketing world that makes everyone surprise and hard to make a defence against. Al jazeera was revealing the worst nightmare that ever we have witnessed in our lives on cricket. From under perform to pitch doctoring, the all forms of the modern match fixing or more correctly called spot fixing are now on stage one by one that showing us that old style game of cricket has buried and ashes were released in "Ganga". No one has time to make statements or vote of thanks. The spirit of the game has gone many a miles away from the game and is Gentlemens' game bowled out?

Sri Lankan Editor

Asanka Arambagoda

 Sri Lankans Online Sub Editor Colombo